Anti-Anxiety Movement - Bringing God Back

There is a feeling of longing in the air. A longing to go back to how things used to be. Back to a time and a place where we felt safe. Where we felt loved. Where we felt peace and happiness. It's hard to believe that this could be possible when the news is telling us otherwise. As we watch God being removed from our schools, statues being torn down, mass shootings, political hate and anger, kneeling at sports events, disrespect of our police officers and military, racism, and families being torn apart, we can't help but feel the fear and anxiety. This fear and anxiety lead to emotional and even health issues. We then turn to drugs. Whether it be prescription or street drugs, the outcome is usually bad. Where does it end? This is the reason for the longing. Our souls realize that something is missing. We are missing love. We are missing God! We are missing His peace!

There is a change taking place. There is a movement going on. One that is growing. Most people are good. They want this change. This movement is all about bringing God back so that our children and grandchildren can live in a world where love exists. That love is God. We are bringing Him back and teaching our children about Him. This is how we will reduce the growing number of atheists.

We are taking this world from fear to peace. One prayer at a time. People are coming together in support of one another at the fear2peace prayer group. You may view and join here:  This is a place where there is no race but the human race, where there is no judgement, no hate, and nothing but support and love for one another.

There is also an app on both android and apple that removes the fear of things most of us encounter such as grief, divorce, anxiety, chronic illness, bullying and many more topics by listening to a voice portrayed as Jesus speaking directly to you about your problems and quoting scripture on the promises of God. The app is free to download with in app purchases available. (Profits going to help the less fortunate). They can be found here:

Another way to support this movement is incorporating God's Words into our everyday life through products we use or see on a daily basis. They also make great gifts to others so that they too, are reminded of God's love as well as yours. You may find these items here:  (Profits going to help the less fortunate)

This is just a start to bigger and better things to come. Together, we CAN and we WILL make a difference. May God bless you all!