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Hello, my name is Barbara. I'm the creator of Fear2Peace. I was raised in the Catholic faith and I've carefully designed and crafted Christian products to help you live with the Word of God in your daily life.

There's a wide range or products to choose from. Including Canvas Wall Art, Pillows & Cushions, Shopping Bags, Coffee Mugs, Phone cases and much more. All my products are created with uplifting and inspirational words from God the Holy Spirit.

Read more about my story and how I was delivered from Fear to Peace.

Conversations With Jesus

Imagine sitting next to Jesus and being able to have a conversation about your fears and anxiety asking for His guidance to seek peace through His promises

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When the troubles of the world become too heavy and you feel like you can't go on, our mobile app lets the voice of Jesus speak directly to you to help you find comfort, relief, and understanding as he lifts you up.

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